Thursday, March 24, 2011

Help Wanted

Looking for fun motivated cleaner
Likes to vacuum and dust
The House is COVERED in white dust

Any takers?


  1. Wish we were there! We'd help!

  2. Me, too! You've got quite a job ahead of you, but the arches look awesome. Probably worth al the dust!

  3. White dust? Been there. Done that. Killed a vacuum or two in the process. Tough stuff.

  4. Let me know if you find any takers... then send them east. Everytime we clean out the ash pan of the wood stove, we get BLACK dust everywhere. Makes for nice dirty dusting cloths when we finally DO get around to it...
    (My favorite was when a little friend of the kids came over with white sweatpants on, and sat on the coffee table. WHO buys a kid WHITE sweat pants?!?) --Although in your house, white sweatpants might fit the bill.

  5. Would love to spend my Friday evening hanging with you guys! Tanner will be there soon to help!

  6. We'll be right over, oh wait. If i brought the boys, there would just be MORE mess, not less.