Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Ready for Summer

My sister-in-law Amy
is a consultant for Modbe Clothing
and with me wanting summer to come
we thought that we would get a jumpstart.
Modbe has very tasteful swimsuits for all.
I bought 2 last summer and loved they. Any loved how flattering they are too.
Check out their website and if you have any questions
let me know.
I am doing a virtual party
no stress
and don't feel obligated.
Party is running until Friday!
The way a virtual party works is like this: You shop online at:
It's sort of like a home party, but
you can shop from the comfort of your own home! When you
order 3+ items, you are eligible for 10% off your order. Enter party # 1433 to get the discount. At checkout enterParty Code #1433. This party will be open until February 27th. If you orderafter then, email me and I'll give you another party code to use.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Night Out With The Posse

This is Amanda the organizer of our fun filled night out.
We went to dinner and a movie, and some of us even read the book first.
She has already put plans in action for next months escape.
Everyone needs a friend like her!A beautiful photo of Joanna-my running partner.
She is a Hero, a Fighter and a great Friend.
And Angie- One would think she is quite
But you would be OH so wrong! :-)
Now Lisa always smiles and never says a mean word.
Debbie- are there words. She will make you laugh and brighten your day.
This is Amy...What can I say about Amy?
That I own her more than I can say- and she knows why.
She is an inspiration in many ways
Not only in her organizational obsessiveness,
but in true kindness.
And this is me-Just being me.
Where does it come from?
I don't know-sometimes it just comes out.
The far left is Malisalee-she is a FORCE!
Is there anything she can not do?
Creative, smart, and very busy
I really don't know how she does it all.
The posse-with a few MIA
We missed you who were not there!
There is truly nothing like good friends!
And of course a GOOD TIME :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chasing the Blues Away

Today is the day!
I'm going to chase the winter blues away
Whichever I pick must stay for awhile
Hopefully it wll give all a smile! So many choices
what is my mood?
Am I feeling spunky or daring
or am I just not caring.
It's hair for goodness sake
so why the hold on my mental state?
Blonde it has been for so long
but the natural is almost all gone
maybe it's time to not be the same
and just go for it and change up the game.
What will it be I have 1 hour to decide
will Ben like what he sees
or say go change it PLEASE!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sooo Goood!!!

The other night I tried something new.
Russian Chicken and it was sooo GOOOOD!
Even the kids liked it. Josh alone at 3 servings.
So much for the leftovers I thought I would have. :-)

Recipe: 6 chicken breasts
1 bottle of wishbone Russian salad dressing
1 package of dried onion soup mix

Directions: Preheat oven to 350
place chicken breast in 9X13 pan
cover with Russian dressing
sprickle onion soup mix on top
place in oven uncovered for 40 minutes.
Serve over rice

So Good and So Easy
It's a keeper in this house!