Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clean at Last

Here is the cleaned out Pantry for those interested
My sweet Megan helped me, we let me be honest
she cleaned it, because she loves her mom ;-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

What shape is your pantry in?

So a couple of weeks ago my RS
asked me to do a class on
an organized and ready to use pantry.
Really me?
Whomever is getting the laugh out of this one
remember what goes around comes around!

So I am looking for pantry pictures...before you went
and got it picture worthy let's be honest, ladies I need
some examples and everyone's will stay unidentified
Look here I even posted mine...See need for major improvement!
I do try... but just the other morning I was looking for the kids
Lunch sandwich containers and I finally found then
in the ROUND Tupperware basket.
Letting my frustration fly (Thinking I'm reprimanding the kids)
I loudly proclaimed
"come on people put things where they Go...see there are even labels!"
This is where Ben quietly started laughing saying
what there's labels?
Oh my it's only been that way for YEARS!!